A Diary of a Dress Inspired by a Portrait of Laudomia de' Medici


May 22, 2003

I've received the white habotai silk today. It's been washed in warm water and hung to dry, then ironed. It's thinner than I would have liked, but I had planned for this and bought yards and yards of noil silk in a natural color. I can even apply the two silks together and flatline, and only then dye. It would make handling much easier, since the habotail silk is very smooth and slippery and will be hard to work with. Having it fixed to a layer of easy to handle noil silk would make me very happy!

January 13, 2004

I have an underskirt! It's made of noil silk with the forepart made of that cotton/poly brocade I bought about a year ago. The forepart is flatlined with 7.5 oz linen.

I tried it with the bumroll but it looks very weird. I think it's too big for me, it stands out too much from my body. I'm tempted to do without and pad the pleats of the overskirt instead.

I started cutting the panels for the overskirt, but it's taking forever, because I'm cutting the silk habotai and silk noil together to be able to flatline and I have to baste everything by hand once it's cut. I have the two front panels done.

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