Finished Costumes

My first ever costume. Summer 2001. My second costume. Summer 2001. That's a bliaut-like garment made for a medievaloid wedding. I did not make the red outfit. Summer 2002. A vest for this friend's wedding, with his device couched in the back. Finished August 8, 2004.

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Spanish Inspired Dress  

A Diary of a Dress Inspired by a Portrait of Laudomia de' Medicied (Bronzino, 1560-1565)

Journal de la confection d'une robe inspirée d'un portrait de Laudomia de' Medici (Bronzino, 1560-1565)


The Dress Of Not Enough Fabric

La Robe qui manquait de tissu


Costumes in Planning - Dress Diaries  
The Candy Queen Elizabethan    
Man's Outfit    
Kitchen Garb    

Future Projects  
The Blue Dress of Maria di Cosimo from a Portrait of Maria di Cosimo 1 (Alessandro Allori, 1555-1557)    
The blue striped dress of a Lady with a Dog (Paolo Veronese, 1560-1570)