The Early Planning


I'm wondering if I should try and be consistend with color, i.e. when I decide to put one jelly bean, should I put my hand in the bag and glue whatever comes out to the dress, or should I try placing the colors consistently? I'm not sure this is worth worrying about right now though.

What I know is that I have some old bedding sheets on which I can use diluted acrylic paint to create the swirl I want in the skirt. This should also add some very welcome stiffness to the fabric. The swirl will be only diagonal lines painted on the panels of the skirt. Yes, I know one side will go up and the other will go down, when looking from the front. This doesn't bother me. I'll probably reproduce the same pattern on the bodice and again on the outer sleeves, but with narrower bands. If I want extra color (and if I have extra time, yeah right!) I'll create patterns (either a different pattern, or lines following the painted ones) with white glue and drop Nerdz or cake decorations onto it.

As for the candy, I plan on spraying it with several coats of crafts sealer, so it's not affected by humidity or dust. I'll make holes in the ones needing holes before I spray them, and I'll probably use a glue gun to make the rest adhere to the fabric. It's fast, easy, and if it ever falls it can be put back in a pinch. A very big advantage is that, since hot glue is not water soluble, I won't be melting the candy as I try to glue it.


Halloween came and went, and I took advantage of the fact that the candy was on sale. Of course, by the time I went, most of the good stuff was already gone, but I still got nice things to use.

Looks like the colors will be:


That is based on the bubble gum colors I have, but they are also the most common candy colors. I might reverse the order, if I find something better. Actually, the following combination looks better when repeated several times:



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The Early Planning